Personal & Commercial Use Licensing

The reason I can keep making fonts is because of donations and those who purchase the license for commercial use, a big thank you to those who have!

All of my demo fonts on DaFont and FontSpace will remain free for personal use.
However if you make revenue using them, you will require a license

My licenses' prices vary for the font and the type of usage; Desktop, Web, Small Business Use and Corporate Use. I also offer Broadcast Use for TV show and Film use. Please email me directly for a quote on any of these.

Personal use:
You can use the fonts for free* on Schoolwork, Wallpapers, personal Facebook & Twitter pages if you're not using them to sell a product/ad or use it for a logo.

*I do ask in return that you donate or give me credit by adding a link to on your site and/or a link to my facebook page If you're advertising an event or an item to sell on any of the mentioned sites then please see below for commercial use.

Also I think it's awesome to see your creations using one of my fonts, so if you want to show them off please mail them to me!

Donation use:
Churches, Schools, Blogs or portfolios where you intend to sell but aren't selling anything with one of my fonts on it (i.e. on headers, categories, etc. ) and if you're not using them for a logo.

How much is a good donation?
All donations are very appreciated, so donate what you feel is appropriate for the use of the demo but don't expect the full version for a donation, I need to make a living too...

...if you're a paid graphic designer or work in media, don't be rude and donate $1, $2, $3, etc. and think that's sufficient. I will contact you back asking that you pay the full price of the font. I took hours creating what you're using on your creative work. Also donations do not equal the right to use my font in your work, that will require an invoice from me and a full payment from you.

YouTube/Twitch/Streaming Social Media**:
If you need this for your video stills but not the video, a $65 fee applies but if you need it for the videos you create then a $145 fee is requested for any social media streaming sites such as YouTube or Twitch, as the videos will be monetized (if not now, then eventually) and includes thumbnail use. If used for your channel's logo, the going rate is $225 and includes both previous mentioned uses (thumbnail and video) as well.
 **If this a font is needed for a music video or a video to promote something to sell, please see broadcast and film use listed below.

Competition & Fundraiser use:
I'm retracting my previous statement that I no longer approve the use of my fonts for design competitions. You can, but if you win/get funded it's up to you to pay for the license not the site you submitted your work to, such as 99 Designs, Threadless, Design by Humans, OtherTees, TeeSpring, Kickstarter, IndieGogo, etc.

I get it, they're free like my demos. So to use one of my fonts on your mixtape artwork I ask you put "font provided by KC Fonts" or a link to my website somewhere on your artwork, it doesn't have to be on the cover, it can be on the back. Win-win. Right? If you already made one and forgot to do it, please resubmit the artwork with the credit given. Otherwise please contact me for info.

Commercial use:
Corporations, ***Non-profit organizations, public media (books, magazines, television, print ads), bands, flyers/posters to events that charge admission, paid graphic designers, business cards and stationary use or if you make revenue using one of my fonts.

***I do offer a discount to true non-profit organizations filed as 501(c).

If you work for a corporation, an advertising firm or branding agency the price is higher for a reason, please don't contact me with an alternate email expecting a hefty discount. If you are unsure of the price contact for a quote. Otherwise I will just refund you your money and demand you pay the proper fee.

If I gave you a quote prior to you purchasing, I will honour the price I gave you for up to 90 days.

Broadcast and Film use:

If you require the font for broadcasting, video or film, you will need to acquire a Broadcasting License. Broadcast and film usage refers to the use of the font software in titling, credits or other text for any on screen broadcast via television, video or motion picture. Please contact with specific information about your project for a price quote.

Derivative work: You may not modify, adapt, translate, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, or create derivative works based on the licensed font itself without KC Fonts’ prior written consent.

Please mail to purchase a license, if you have a proposal to offer or if you are unsure what category your use falls under. If you have contacted me, please allow 24 hours for me to reply, I do receive a lot of email during the day.

I reserve the right to charge you for damages if you use one of my free for personal use fonts without authorization in a commercial use situation. If you do not abide by these conditions or pay the fee, legal proceedings will follow and will be paid for by the offending party.

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