Saturday, March 23, 2013

New Demo: Dro

Here's a demo of my favourite cartoon font creation 'Dro'!
Now, I'm not going to lie to you, the demo is very inferior to the full version of the fonts:

-The full version is two fonts (Dro and Dro Fill) with 550+ glyphs each,
while this demo is a combination of the two fonts in one, containing only 63 usable glyphs. 

-The full version offers 6 variants of each letter in an OpenType setting,
the demo offers 1 of the variants from each Dro and Dro Fill with no OpenType support.

You can try it out to see if the main letters suit your creative work
by getting the demo from FontSpace or DaFont

Note: in the demo, uppercase is Dro and lowercase is Dro Fill.

please contact for more info about the commercial version.

Donations are also greatly appreciated!

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New Print Press, Relief Based Font: Intaglio

I have a new print press, relief based font out called 'Intaglio'!
After researching more on the printing press, I discovered relief based printing.
I wanted to try something different with the sunk-in letters and this is the awesome result!

Demo available at FontSpace & DaFont

Note: This font is uppercase only. A few lowercase letters in this demo differ slightly from their uppercase counterparts.

 Licenses and Full font family, numbers, all alternates,
full kerning and embeddability is available:
Please contact for more info or to obtain a commercial license.

Donations are also greatly appreciated!

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